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May 31, 2016

4DM / 5D / 7D / 9D VR Cinema – What Makes SHUQEE Special And Best?

Strength of the company

Guangzhou Shuqee Digital Tech. Co., Ltd adopts advanced video imaging technology, citing the international forefront of innovative design concepts, gathering many senior professional technicians. We are fully implementing the ISO9001: 2008 quality Management Implementation of Standards. A technological, cultural and creative company which realizing a set of 4DM/SV Theater system development, equipment production, planning and construction, operation and maintenance to form a whole industry chain.

The strength of technology

We have come a long way from silent to sound, from the black and white movies to colors of the yester years,thanks to the revolution in colors, cinematography, special effects, visual dynamics and sounds. The recent past had witnessed the introduction of 3D films that left audiences speechless.The present trends have taken that to the next step by introducing virtual realities in 5D / 7D / 9D cinemas. A 5D / 6D / 7D / 9D vr cinema helps viewers to plunge into the world of virtual reality by synchronizing a 3D film,special 3D glasses for viewing and special seats with synchronized movements. 5D / 6D / 7D / 9D films are enhanced versions of to any direct3D that have additional physical effects that syncs with the film on view. This includes: Seat special effects – vibrations, movements ion as per the film, sways, wave motions, tilts, water sprays, air jets, leg ticklers, butt ticklers, back ticklers, neck blasts, etc Special Effects – rain effects, snow effects, bubble effects, strobe lightning, smoke effects, wind effects, etc. Projection – two high quality projectors are used for viewing the 3D movie on display which can be viewed by special 3D glasses that offers passive polarization effect. This 3D projection is controlled by a special 3D computer that keeps streaming both the left and right eyes simultaneously for the effect. Sound effects – 5.1 surround sound that uses THX certified components, passive speakers with special processors and amplifiers Screen – customized silver screen that offers an image bouncing effect which is necessary for creating the 3D effect Control System – a motion control PC that syncs the chairs with the on-screen action. It also helps to sync the film and special effects. A high grade chair compressor with a drier unit and air tank aids in chair movement.

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