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August 4, 2020

Zhangjiajie World Geopark Museum 4D Cinema is Finished

Shuqee 5D Movie Theater Experience Museum takes you around

To tell you an exciting and good news, the UNESCO Zhangjiajie World Geopark Museum has completed the upgrade and will be available in 2020, which means that everyone can experience our 5D movie theater in Zhangjiajie in the future.

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The Zhangjiajie World Geopark Museum 5D Movie Theater Experience Hall is a ring screen 5D dynamic cinema, which is composed of 3 ring screens 5D cinemas. The total number of seats is 333, which can accommodate 333 people at the same time, let you to enjoy the journey experience and reduce long waits for the hard work.


Arc screen 4d cinema

The seat of the 5D movie Theater experience hall is an electric 3 DOF luxury 5D motion seat. It has water spray, air spray , vibration, leg sweep and other functions .It is a star product of Shuqee, with mature technology and excellent experience. The screen uses a professional 3D high-gain metal screen with a 15-meter, 150-degree arc. The image displayed by the curved screen can skip the "flat -arc-flat" transition of the human eye, and can be intuitively accepted by the brain and processing for a more comfortable viewing experience. When the audience watches the 5D motion picture of the ring screen, the audience surrounded by three-dimensional images and three-dimensional sounds, thereby generating a truly unusual feeling. Audiences naturally feel that they are part of the film environment and will have different emotions as the plot of the film changes. The combination of the audience and the scene is exactly the charm of the ring screen 5D movie experience hall. In addition, the environment of 5D Theater simulation system refers to the installation of special effects equipment such as rain, snow, smoke, and lightning in the cinema to create an environment consistent with the content of the movie, and let the audience have an immersive and shocking experience.


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